Major oil leak investigation  
  Harry McRandle
March 02,2009

A MAJOR pollution investigation is under way after about 10,000 litres of heating oil leaked from a tank in a States housing estate and travelled miles through drains to the sea.

The leak started on Wednesday but its source was not detected until Thursday morning. Yesterday the oil was still pouring into the sea from outfalls and the stench could be detected through much of the centre of town.

It is believed that there is no threat to drinking water as a result of the leak into the surface water drains but there may be some threat to plant and marine life.

It has emerged that the oil may have been leaking from a cracked pipe at Oak Tree Gardens at the foot of Trinity Hill for about 18 hours before the source was detected. A number of investigations have been launched by a variety of agencies, including Environmental Protection, Housing and Transport and Technical Services.